Dear citizens of the city of Allstedt

City HallThe city of Allstedt was founded on 01/01/2010 as part of the municipal reform of the state of Saxony / Anhalt. With the incorporation of the places Beyernaumburg / Othal, Emseloh, Holdenstedt, Katharinenrieth, Liedersdorf, Mittelhausen / Einsdorf, Niederröblingen, Nienstedt / Einzingen, Pölsfeld, Sotterhausen, Winkel, Wolferstedt into the town of Allstedt, the fundamental importance is not only secured. The city of Allstedt thus also forms the economic and social center and bears joint responsibility for the development of the community and the continued existence of the local identity.

The city of Allstedt with its districts is numerically with about 7500 inhabitants a quite small unitary community on the southwestern border with Thuringia. This advantage has to be filled with life. The economic development of small and craft businesses and medium-sized companies has established itself as a successful indicator for the region. In addition, the industrial areas on the former copper mine shafts in Niederröblingen and Nienstedt as well as the development plan area “Allstedter Heide” with its special landing area have great sustainability potential in an agricultural area.


freeway A38The locational advantage of our economic innovation is promoted by an optimized accessibility via the A 38 as a connection between the greater Kassel and Halle / Leipzig areas as well as the resulting junction A 38 / A 71 from the Erfurt area (A4) in our district. Potential investors are welcome and can count on our support!

The city of Allstedt with its districts is rich in history, cultural monuments, tourist gems in a diverse scenic and very wooded area, embedded in the Golden Aue, the foothills of the southern Harz and the Querfurter Platte. Evidence of settlement goes back to the Neolithic Age (4000-2000 BC). As an imperial palace, the city of Allstedt experienced in the 9th century. up to 13th century a high priority in the German Empire with numerous notarizations. During the Reformation, Allstedt was the stronghold of the reformer Müntzer. Even before Luther, he held mass in German and lured thousands of farmers and miners to Allstedt.


Allstedt Castle and PallaceDuring the Weimar period, Goethe visited the city for his official business, but also to enjoy the area. Allstedt Castle and Palace are visible from afar as a tourist attraction. Below the castle, the summer pool with the Vorwerksteich invite you to spend your free time. In the towns of Beyernaumburg, Mittelhausen and Wolferstedt you will find Romanesque village churches. In Nienstedt you will meet Pelzkocher and Till Eulenspiegel, and if you continue on to Einzingen, you will not only encounter a magnificent panoramic view of the area, but also allegedly of the earth's axis in the village. Passing the Spitzkegelhalde in Niederröblingen, you will come across a lively place where not only the famous painter Lorenz is at home. Along the helmets you get to Katharinenrieth. The place was founded by the Flemings and is a typical Marschhufendorf. For technology enthusiasts, there is a rich fund of fire brigades in Holdenstedt. In Liedersdorf you will find out what a Hechler is. Take a break in the beautiful park of Emseloh before continuing to Pölsfeld. The place is not only an experience at carnival time. The extensive expansion of our district is therefore entirely in the spirit of nature and relaxation for all age groups. Please inform yourself further.

The colors of our homepage are historically based on the Thuringian flag of 1897-1920. The coat of arms of the Grand Duchy of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach with same colors adorns the town hall and appreciates the sex of the Wettin Ernestine and the connectedness of the city Allstedt. This homepage should help the visitors of the virtual city administration to a successful clarification of their concerns, be supportive and informative.

Mayor of the city of Allstedt

As Mayor of Allstedt, I wish all visitors and interested parties a pleasant stay in our beautiful city and its districts and a short, unbureaucratic path in dealing with the virtual city administration.

Best regards
Your Jürgen Richter


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